The Reasons Why Kid’s Need To Look At More Art.

If you were to ask parents what it is that is important when bringing up a child, they will tell you about a number of things that are essential to create a balanced individual and to create someone who will be a productive member of society. They will stipulate that education is incredibly important and yet they will only point out the benefits of a quality primary school, secondary school and then the best university possible. While academic education is incredibly important, young kids also need to experience other ways to learn and especially in the form of art.

The unfortunate thing is that schools across Australia are now pushing art to the back when it comes to important subjects and this is very bad news indeed. Children’s minds need to be expanded and one way to do that is to encourage them to put their thoughts down on paper in the form of some kind of abstract painting that only they can properly understand. There are been many studies on the subject and it has been proven that taking an interest in art can make your kids a lot smarter and certainly more creative.

If you’re not yet sold on this notion then the following are just some of the reasons why your kids need to look at and create more art.

  • Excellent for hand-to-eye coordination – At the beginning of your child’s educational experience, they will be taught how to write the letters of the alphabet and numbers as well. This can prove to be more difficult for some kids than others and if you encourage your child to engage in art from an early age then you will find that they will have a steady hand and they will be a lot better at forming the letters and numbers when they finally start school.
  • It helps with self-expression – Kids nowadays can get incredibly frustrated because parents don’t seem to understand what it is that they are trying to say. Any teacher will tell you that they can get a good idea of what is going on in the child’s mind by the kind of pictures that they tend. If your child is experiencing bullying in school then you will probably find that you will see this in their paintings.
  • It helps to calm kids down – Any professional educator will tell you that if there are students are getting a little bit out of hand then he or she will introduce some hard into the classroom. It provides the perfect way for children to call themselves down after engaging in physical education for example and it allows them to concentrate more and this reduces their stress and anxiety levels.

As parents, we want our children to grow up as confident people and encouraging them to engage in art is one excellent way to do that. In the Australian summer months when school is closed, art is the perfect distraction and it can keep kids engaged for many hours on end.

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